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African Ceramics Book title: Of the Earth: AFRICAN CERAMICS. Exhibition catalog.
Authors: Douglas Dawson
Year: 2001; Condition: used, good.
46 illustrations, all superb color
Size 8.5" x 10" x 1/4"; pages 96; soft cover (paperback)
African Ceramics african Ceramics african Ceramics african Ceramics african Ceramics

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Czech Moravian folk Ceramics / Moravska Lidove Keramika
Book title: Moravska Lidova Keramika / Czech Moravian Folk Ceramics
Author: Karel Cernohorsky
printed 1941, Prague, Czech Republic; Language Czech
Hard cover book (NO dust jacket) 85" x 11.25" x 1.5"; Pages 290
Pictures: 260, color and B&W; book weight 4 lb -4 oz (2 Kg)
Czech Moravian Folk Ceramics / Moravska LIdova Keramika 1941 Moravska Lidova Keramika / Czech Moravian Folk Ceramics 1941 Moravska Lidova Keramica 1941 Moravska Lidova Keramika 1941 Czech Moravian Folk Ceramics / Moravska Lidova Keramika 1941 Moravska Lidova Keramika 1941 Moravska Lidova Keramika 1941

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Picaso Ceramics Vallauris

Book title:
Picasso : Céramiste à Vallauris, Pièces uniques / Picasso : Ceramist at Vallauris.

language: French and English. Author: Musee Mangelli. Year 2004; pages 160; Weight 2 lb: size11.8" x 8.5" x 0.6" paper back with French flaps. Illustrated; 100+ color pictures
Picasso Ceramiste Vallauris Picasso Ceramics Picasso ceramiste a  Vallauris Picasso ceramics

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inv : k-c-top
Georgia Gruzia Ceramics Gruzia Georgia Ceamics
Book 10"x12" : Contemporary Georgian Ceramics, by Alde Kakabadze, 1984
Illustrations: 350+ photographs: 220 color photographs of famous pieces of ceramics. Plus 100+ both color and B&W photographs about Georgia's ceramics history, antique, medieval, traditional, folk ceramics, contemporary artists . 192 pages
Condition: Used book 1984, hard cover; cover itself has picture; spine lightly chipped and cracked; upper left corner of front cover and of back cover really bumped.
Gruzia Georgia Ceramics Georgia Gruzia Tbilisi Ceramics Georgia Gruzia Tbilisi Ceramics Georgia Gruzia Tbilisi   Ceramics

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 Coloured Ceramic Ashur
Book title: Coloured ceramics from Ashur, and earlier ancient Assyrian wall-paintings, from photographs and water-colours by members of the Ashur expedition organised by the Deutsche Orient-gesellschaft, edited by Walter Andrae (1875-1956); with 36 coloured plates and 48 illustrations in the text. Size: 16" x 12"x 1.25". Weight 5.5 lb
Publisher: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., ltd., London. Year 1925;
coloured ceramic ashur coloured ceramic ashur coloured ceramic ashur coloured ceramics ashur coloured ceramics ashur colored ceramics ashur
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Persian Ceramics and Related Material

Ancient Persian Ceramics
book title: Persian Ceramics and Related Material. Expo Catalog HadjiBaba. 1993, NY
author: Eric Zetterquist . Size 8.5"x11". Total 17 object + 1 front plate
Elegant book, metalic lettering. (A scratch upper left corner.)

Perisan Ceramics and Related material Perisan ceramics and related material Ancient Persian Ceramics

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Korean Porcelain Celadon Korean Porcelain, Celadon from Goryeo Dynasty  918-1392.
Ti tle in original:  Algi shwiun hanguk tojasa li algi / Author Hong-jun Yu. ISBN 978-8985846837.Publisher:  Hakkojae, Korea; year 2001; Paperback size 10.25" x 7.5"; pages 76; illustrations 96. condition note: on page 5 a sticker with title in English. Language Korean, but it has 2 pages insert English summary.
Korean Celadon Goryeo Kprean Porcelain Celadon Goryeo Korean Celadon Goryeo Kprean Celadon Goryeo Korean Poecelain Celadon Goryeo
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Belarus Ceramics Belarus (Byelorussian , Belorussia ) Ceramics : Printed Minsk, 1984; number of copies 8000. Number of pages 176; number of pictures 173, all color. Weight 1.5 lb. Size 8.5x8.5x.75"
Languages: Russian, English, French, German, Italian.
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